Recent work . . .



Let’s talk about

Vector illustrations



Character development (private commission)

Mixed media illustration

New style, hopefully for some greetings cards if I find the time!

Pencil drawing

Self portrait study for a painting I want to do. Hand’s a bit weird!

Woodblock printing and sewing

Getting VERY excited about wood carving, I made this dress for myself and pencil cases for some special people.

Digital illustration

Quick character sketch of Jet and Arlo!

Design and vector illustration for children

I’m designing and illustrating some first experiences books devised by some very clever, cool ladies! Can’t really show you anything yet, here are some incidental little characters. Such a lovely project, really enjoying it!



Pen and ink illustration

Coloured digitally. For Simon and Schuster

Character development

Cover design and vector illustration

Development work:


And final cover and spine:

Character development for Carlton Books


Cover design and vector illustration

A set of print and digital book covers for Simon and Schuster.


Children’s book design and vector illustration

My cover design, think the final one is different

A non fiction book I designed and illustrated for Carlton Books, loved working on this, it’s older and MUCH longer than any other kids books I’ve done!


Illustration – pencil drawing

T shirt illustration for a Kate Miller-Heidke tour, commissioned by the ridiculously talented Sharon Chai http://www.eyeflyhigh.com/ . This is a drawing of a photo she art directed for the album cover. I scanned the pencil drawing and separated it into 2 colours for screen printing.


Illustration – mono print

Illustration for a children’s theatre production: ‘Blown Away’. And some other suggestions I provided for colour etc.

This was lots of fun, I used one of our little side tables as a plate, rollered ink onto it, laid some paper over the top and did some line drawings.

Initial prints

Early ideas (too young)



Collected letterpress letters I was going to use for a leaflet design for Macmillan but I didn’t in the end!


Digital illustration

Yay – finialist! Last minute entry to the Stylist cover design competition (seriously last minute – started the night before and finished in my lunch break!)

I tried out a new style – pen and ink drawing scanned and tweaked and then coloured in digitally.


Digital illustration

Bear character ideas



Some typefaces I made for a recent freelance project, just put together quickly through http://www.yourfonts.com/  No numbers, whoops!


Cover design

Case designs for Hemmingway audio books.

Some of the covers all printed and finished



My version of Futura – ‘Meltura’!


Skinny typeface – ‘Jethro’


Chunky typeface – ‘Arlo’


Vector illustration

Commissioned by Beetroot for Southside trains magazine


Illustration – pen and ink

Illustration commissioned by Stylorouge for ‘Words for you’ , a CD of poetry read by famous voices


Digital illustration and model making

A panorama to be used on the goatland website. And below is a model I made which wasn’t really suitable but was good fun!


Illustration – pencil drawing

Commissioned by Stylorouge


Vector illustration

Illustration for a leaflet asking young people to get urine tested for Chlamydia with the added incentive of possibly winning an iPhone. Don’t know why I did such strange looking noses . . .


Digital illustration

Illustrations for the Hillingdon annual report, working with the talented Jimmy Young http://www.jimmyyoungdesign.com/


Pen and ink drawing

Commissioned by Sharon Chai at Stylorouge, my drawings were printed onto special colour changing paper for a special limited edition of the album ‘As day follows night’

And here they are with water on!



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